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As your Dollar Dog friend, I’m here to help with any questions you have about money. Are you ready to start saving or earning it? Would you like some advice on how to make your first few coins grow into dollars? You’ve come to the right place! In my Clubhouse, you’ll find fun tips for earning and saving money – plus, with your parents’ help, you can email me your questions and ideas!

If you’d like to meet me, ask your parents to take you to one of my Dollar Dog Marketplaces in Anchorage or Soldotna. These fairs are held in the summer and winter – and if you’re part of the Dollar Dog Kids Club, I will send you a postcard with details on how to join the fun.

As a member of my Dollar Dog Kids Club, you’ll get colorful postcards and newsletters from me throughout the year! I would also love to hear from YOU. You can write me a letter any time! My address is: Credit Union 1, Attn: Dollar Dog, 1941 Abbott Road, Anchorage, AK 99507. With your parents’ permission, you can also email me at

I’m very excited that you’ve joined my Clubhouse! Together, we will fill up your piggy bank and learn all about money. You’re going to have a head start on being a great grown up!

Tail wags,

Dollar Dog

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